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Accentuating Accessories

April 30, 2010

If there’s a theme running through this blog entry its ‘things working together’. Whether that’s the right jewellery and handbag, working with a frock to achieve a killer look, or a photographer, client, stylist and model, all working in harmony to get the perfect image – no woman is an island and my last shoot was certainly testament to that.

I have worked with designer-maker, Anita Davies of Raw Elements before, having photographed her mosaic art pieces, and when she told me she needed images to help launch her new hand-crafted jewellery range, I was keen to get involved.

Her work is just lovely with incredible attention to detail and high quality materials that mean her jewellery is an affordable investment – timeless designs, made to last.

Veronica Kupcake photographed by Rachel Spivey

Veronica Kupcake in full-on Holly Golightly mode

Getting the green light on a fashion shoot is always a great opportunity to assemble a team of like-minded people. Folk who not only have some talent to contribute, but who also are good fun to spend what can often be an intense day with. And as Anita is such an easy-going client she left this team and location pretty much down to me.

All jewellery by Anita Davies of Raw Elements

It was the first time I’d worked with the talented make-up artist Vanessa Reece and it certainly won’t be the last.

She’s no stranger to being on both sides of the camera, being a fit-model for ASOS’s gorgeous Curve range and sometime actress and performer. Vanessa’s a true perfectionist and she created several different looks from ‘clean’ to ‘showgirl’ and several steps in between.

Veronica Cupcake models jewellery by Anita Davies. Image by Rachel Spivey Photographer

Vanessa Reece was on hand throughout the day providing a range of contrasting looks

I had never shot Veronica Kupcake before either, as our model for the shoot is a relative newcomer on the pin-up scene. She did a fantastic job of switching from ‘girl next door’ to vamp as the day went on.

Veronica Kupcake models jewellery by Anita Davies. Image by Rachel Spivey Photographer

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the very scrummy Veronica Kupcake...

Ever since stumbling across the beautiful Cloth Magpie bags by Sam Cross online, I’ve been looking for an excuse to photograph at least one of them. As well as being a fantastically talented designer, who’s supplied the likes of Nicole Kidman with delicious handbags, she, like me, is also a mum of three – with two of them twins!

Sam creates the bags using her huge vintage fabric stash and each one is part of a strictly limited collection, so the chances of bumping into someone else with the same one are virtually nil. She supplied me with a gorgeous Bobble Kiss bag in Meadow Cream and we took to the pretty streets of Leamington Spa to grab a few shots.

Veronica Kupcake models Cloth Magpie bag by Sam Cross. Image by Rachel Spivey Photographer

I love this fantastic oversized granny purse by Sam Cross

Thanks are also due to Nicola Kleinmann for giving us the run of her fantastic house – where every room was a ready-made set. The day was hard work, but went swimmingly with everyone pulling in the same direction and ending up with a great selection of images.

It was a shame my usual partner in crime Jeni Aldridge couldn’t make it due to work commitments – but other than that it was all pretty perfect and I hope that I’ll get to work with this set of ladies on something else very soon.

RS x

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