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Darkteaser Pulls It Off Again

May 2, 2011

Last bank holiday saw Darkteaser’s mighty return to the Leamington Assembly with her Garter Lounge – though these days it feels less like a ‘lounge’ and more like a Vegas-style theatrical extravaganza.

I didn’t spot that many garters either.

And if there were any, they couldn’t have been on for long.

Darkteaser releases butterflies from Pandora's Box

Darkteaser releases her butterflies

It’s been great to have been involved with Darkteaser’s signature show since the very beginning and see it grow from humble beginnings in Hugglescote Working Men’s Club to the glitzy heights it reached last week.

Word is obviously spreading, thanks in no small part to The Assembly itself, and the promise of ‘a decadent evening of cabaret and retro tease’ certainly helped to drag folks away from their barbecues on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday.

Garter Lounge compere Joe Black

Compere Joe Black performs the guitar solo from Radiohead's 'Creep' on the kazoo

German burlesque star Lada Redstar

Proper showgirl hi-jinks and chutzpah courtesy of Russian burlesque queen – Lada Redstar

The event’s growing reputation not only provided a lively and up-for-it audience, but even more international acts than before and the attentions of a camera crew and renowned burlesque photographer Neil Kendall. It was a pleasure to meet him and, rather than leading our own dance down the front, we stayed on our respective sides of the stage. While my movement was a bit more restricted than usual, it was more than made up for by the visual dynamics of the performers under the lights.

Famous pin-up Missy Malone

The golden glow of Missy Malone

World class burlesque stars Missy Malone and Vicky Butterfly

Missy Malone and Vicky Butterfly – two of my personal favourite performers

Live shot of burlesque queen Vicky Butterfly

Vicky Butterfly. Like I said, big fan

The show flowed well, with more upbeat numbers and fine comic turns allowing some contrast for the more dreamy, sensual routines that work so well in that elegant space.

Lily Laudanum and Luli Blue

Lily Laudanum as Barbara Cartland and Luli Blue gets a bit wound up

Burlesque performers Friday Blues amd Mama Jenufa

Friday Blues plays to the camera and the brilliant comedy burlesque of showcase winner Mama Jenufa

As Darkteaser’s ambitions for the Garter Lounge have grown, so too have her routines. I blogged before about her giant clock, which was in attendance again, but her new Pandora act was amazing with more intricate and elaborate accessories, complex props and storytelling.

Darkteaser with her giant clock and Eliza DeLite – just like a prayer

The ’Teaser unleashes the darkness

Darkteaser with her giant clock and Eliza DeLite – just like a prayer

Darkteaser emerges from the clock and the demure show opener – Eliza DeLite

Young burlesque performer spreads her Isis wings

Eliza DeLite – like a Pierre et Gilles photo come to life

You’ll often hear photographers bemoaning the fact that the ‘job’s not all that glamorous’ but they’ve probably never shot the likes of this lot…

French burlesque showgirl Juliette Dragon

Juliette – the showgirl with a dragon tattoo

Onstage burlesque pyrotechnics

Juliette Dragon – quite literally lighting up the stage

I’ll be keen to see where The Garter Lounge goes from here, as it must be hard to put on that many top quality acts in such a premium venue and make it pay. I certainly wouldn’t want the job! Though surely the night is a great proposition for a major sponsor to help take it to the next level and help spread the word that little bit wider. (Come on all you brand managers who read my blog, get in touch – I’ll pass on your details!)

Joe Black on stage at The Garter Lounge

Joe Black – he's a strong flavour but I suspect he's a bit of a sweetie

Vicky Butterfly in blue

Vicky Butterfly – moody blue

If you missed out this time, or you just want a little bit more, Darkteaser is back at The Assembly on May 14th where she will be appearing with the Urban Voodoo Machine. Tickets on sale here.

After my recent blitz of live burlesque-yness I am still working on images from this show (and Missy’s before it). It’s the plan to put more pics onto my Flickr pages and get copies of shots to all the performers who want them (just drop me a line)

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

I enjoyed taking them.

RS x

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