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Photographing Connected People

July 29, 2011

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Vital Marketing to shoot images for a well-known mobile phone company.

So with hair and make-up, three models, an Art Director and the client in attendance, everyone was present to make sure everything went to plan.

Photography for retail campaign by Rachel Spivey

The main image for the South American store campaign

The shoot was for two key images that would form the centrepiece of a retail campaign promoting customized phones in stores in China and South America and, as the images would form part of a window display, the stories they were telling had to be big, bold and immediate.

Photoshoot preparations

Vanessa gets Gemma and Tim ready for the camera

The first shot shows a young guy who has had his phone customized with a picture of his girlfriend blowing him a kiss. I like to think that they live some way apart and that he looks longingly at it whenever she’s not around to give him the real thing.

Her bright red hair will leave customers in no doubt that it’s the same girl who has turned up to give him some sugar.

Three shots used to create the one image

The three shots required to make the final composite image

The second set-up depicts a Hong Kong girl-about-town who loves cartoon rabbits and likes to co-ordinate her outfits.

Behind the scenes of photoshoot for a marketing agency

Model Sam gives it some attitude for the camera

With a shoot like this detail is everything, and it all has to be thought about – from the condition of the model’s nails to every highlight on the product – all the while anticipating the work that will be done in post production. Luckily I’d worked with Craig the Art Director before and know how fussy he is.

Girl holds out a phone

The two final shots (cartoon rabbit not shown)

Once the shots were done and approved by the client they were handed over to Vital, who’s creative and retouching team Leigh, Malc and Sue did an amazing job retouching the files and creating all the different elements.

Campaign hero shot

'Like my top?, I've got a phone to match.'

The images will not only be displayed in the windows, but on point-of-sale displays and leaflets inside the stores.

From Leamington to Brazil, Rachel Spivey's images are checked before posting

The giant window graphics get one last check from the Vital team before being shipped out

Design proposals for retail windows

Final visuals of how the shots will be used in the store windows

The Hong Kong store campaign has just hit the streets and the finished thing looks great.

Retail graphics photography by Warwickshire-based Rachel Spivey


Can’t wait to see how the rest of it turns out.

RS x

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