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Getting Lippy

August 24, 2011

It’s been a busy month in the boudoir. I’ve had some lovely ladies through lately and more and more opting for the classic pin-up look – sculpted hair and sharply defined eyes, all finished off with a striking pair of bright red lips!

Pin-up makeover by Raquel Rouge

Red lips rock! Though the accepted psychology of why varies.

A deeply coloured, pouty pair are a simple, primitive signifier of good blood circulation and the fertility and health of a prospective mate. It has been proven that the more oestrogen a woman has, the larger her eyes and the fuller her lips.

As an erogenous zone they have also have a high number of nerve endings, hence their use in kissing and stuff. Though in some cultures of the world, a woman’s lips are veiled because of their ‘representative association’ with, er… other parts of a lady.

Whatever spin the boffins like to put on it – it’s the red lips in shots like this that give the image its focus and attitude.

Burlesque style makeover portrait by Raquel Rouge

I know that, as a ginger with pale skin, I have personally always favoured bright red lips and was a big fan of Chanel’s (bizarrely discontinued) Pirate. I gave Mac’s Ruby Woo a try but found it really dry and hard to wear and I was down to the dreggy stump of my last Pirate that I found in an old handbag, when to the rescue came Ree Ree Rockette, a wonderful lady who I first ‘met’ on Twitter when we both had tattoos done by Valerie Vargas in the same week.

Ree Ree is an ex-teacher and librarian who clearly spotted the gap in the market too and launched her own range of vintage pin-up inspired lipsticks for “ladies aren’t afraid to be seen, and are confident in their own awesomeness.”

And in Rockette Red I found my new favourite.

Ree Ree Rocket founder of Rockalily make-up

Having taken the plunge with my own business I asked her what made her go for it in such a big way:

“It had been building for while, and I had been milling some ideas over in my mind. I had been getting progressively more bored at my work (I had finished a big project and would have been coasting), but I still wasn’t quite ready. Then a new and ‘improved’ dress code came around. I handed in my notice a few days after.”

This is a lady who really knows how to work her social-media ticket and, even with her established blog Alternatively Lovely, the profile she has raised for Rockalily in such a short space in time is a testament to her passion in what she’s doing and the power of networking. Ree Ree also runs the ‘Wonderful Women: Minding our Own Business’ network in London and Norwich. Though with all her success and praise from high places her highlight so far is still very down-to-earth.

“I think the first day I started selling was my high point! Up until then it had all been based on theory, and it was exciting to post out the first orders.”

And the product really does justify all the attention it’s getting:

“Our main range features 4 shades; two blue-based reds and one orange-based red and a blue-based pink . The blue-based shades are perfect for ladies with paler skin tones and those who want to enhance the whiteness of their teeth, while the orange-based shade compliments darker skin tones perfectly. The lipsticks have vitamin E in them to ensure they don’t dry out your lips and making them perfect for every day use.”

The Rockalily lipstick range

They can all be ordered directly from her site and at £14 a pop, your lips will thank you.

Ree Ree has big plans for the brand, so subscribe to her blog, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter – just keep her on your rockin’ radar.

In the meantime I’ve stocked up on a few lippies for the boudoir – so if you’re due in for a session you’ll get to try them for yourself.

And if you’re not, here’s my resident Make-up vixen Vanessa Reece with some tips on getting the best from your own pin-up pout…

Make-up artist Vanessa Reece

1. Many women fear red lipstick because they feel it may be too overpowering. The key is to get the right shade that suits your skin tone. Always try them in natural light. It makes a huge difference. And trial a bit on your lips and not on your hands – as the skin colour is very different the effect varies massively

2. Grab a red lip liner. There are various ones on the market but one with a smooth application is best. Invest in a good one and you’ve won half the battle with smudge.

3. Lightly powder the lips with a neutral powder and apply the liner to your natural line (top lip bow), and also the bottom lip. There is no need to go right to the outer corners.

4. Apply lipstick with a professional lip brush. This is another good investment and will help your lipstick go further and stop wastage.

5. Blot with soft tissue, and repeat steps 3 and 4 (two – three times.)

6. If you happen to make a little mistake – do not panic! Simply apply a tiny amount of make-up remover on a cotton bud (pinch the top so it’s flat) and wipe off any excess that has gone over the lip line. Use powder again and re-apply with lip pencil and lipstick brush.

7. Practice, Practice… then POUT!

Sexy boudoir image by Raquel Rouge

Many thanks to Ree Ree Rockette and Vanessa Reece for their help and input.

Big kisses

RS x

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