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Hello Sailor!

November 28, 2011

All the nice girls love a sailor – some of the naughty ones do too – and I was thrilled to be commissioned recently to create some hot poster girl pics for Lucy – a real life forces sweetheart!

Lucy’s boyfriend Ben is a Leading Seaman and, in true pin-up tradition, she wanted to give him something special as a keepsake to take on his long tours away from her. Rather than hide them away in his bunk though, they’re so chuffed with the results, they’ve agreed to show them off here too.

1940s style forces sweetheart by LEamington boudoir photographer Raquel Rouge

Ahoy there!

I first met Lucy at one of the Garter Lounge shows at The Assembly and then again when the Evening of Burlesque came to the Royal Spa Centre last year. She’s a tattooist and recognised mine as a Valerie Vargas from across a crowded bar. We bonded while comparing ink and she swore she’d be back in touch. Sure enough she booked into the studio months in advance and used the lead time to plan her shots and collect together all of her outfits and accessories.

One key shot we wanted to attempt was inspired by the famous Gil Elvgren ‘Ankles Aweigh’ illustration. Nautical pin-ups don’t get more iconic than that. While old Gil is the go to guy for these kind of poses and there are plenty of talented people out there doing great photographic interpretations of his work, for me trying to recreate those images down to the finest detail just becomes a technical exercise, so, with a nod to his set-up, we went about creating the sort of hyper-real image that the Hollywood studios would release as publicity for their new Technicolour productions.

Gil Elvgren classic recreated by Rachel Spivey

Amazing what you can do with a stock image and a little dollop of photoshop

Ben has done tours of the Falklands and the Gulf and has served on HMS Edinburgh and more recently HMS Gloucester. His uniform cap teamed with a blue and white striped bikini and Lucy’s impressive tats just looked amazing. Vanessa, as always, did a top job on her make up and Sinead created her hair to work with and without the hat – but Lucy was a fab model – confident and happy to pose away while I clicked the shutter.

Pin-up girl's tribute to her sailor on HMS Gloucester

Ship-shape and Bristol fashion

We took so many good shots it was hard to edit them down and, as Lucy gave us a free rein to be creative in post production, we got to try a few things out. With the whole Navy theme and her tattoos I figured it’d be cool to put her on the Sailor Jerry’s rum bottle…

Cheesecake pin-up Sailor Jerry style

Yo ho ho!

Lucy put a lot of thought into her shoot and it really shows. As well as the white background shots, we did some richer, more sensuous ones – I love this one of her posing with one of the letters Ben sent her from his ship.

Sailor's girl reads a letter from her man – elegant and high class boudoir photography by Rachel Spivey, Leamington Spa

Lucy and her ship to shore letter home

In the space of a few hours we did ‘cheeky’, ‘wistful’ ‘romantic’ and still found time to shoot this.

Sexiest. Pirate. Ever.

Tattooed pin-up by Warwickshire boudoir photographer Raquel Rouge

Saucy Nancy!

As well as collecting them, Lucy has been a qualified tattooist in her own right for around five years and is currently working at Passion and Pain in Leamington. She cites Jeff Gogue and Claudia De Sabe as her influences but, from what I have seen of her work, seems to be developing a nice style all of her own.

Leamington-based tattoo artist Lucy

Lucy with Ben and some of her work

I’m so glad that Lucy and Ben are happy with their pics, they were a real joy to do, and if you are the wife or girlfriend of someone in the forces and fancy doing something similar, be sure to mention it to get a special rate on a shoot.

I know Lucy and Ben are looking forward to spending their first Christmas together in the same house after enduring a fair few apart. I wish them both the very best of the season and also hope that those men and women serving in the forces, who won’t get to be home with their loved ones, have an equally peaceful and merry time.

RS x

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  1. November 29, 2011 2:15 pm

    After posting this yesterday, I heard from Lucy that only last week Ben proposed and they’re now engaged!

    If that’s not a nice note to end a blog post on I don’t know what is! Congratulations to them both x

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