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Go Pro With Your Profile

January 23, 2012

For the last year or so I have been involved with a secret society of business ladies in Warwickshire and next month I am hooking up with them to help raise the profile of a few entrepreneurs.

And a bit of money for charity too.

Rachel Spivey Photographer corporate portrait event


Blogging, tweeting, and all the rest of it, are great ways low-cost ways for a small or start-up business to get its name out there, start talking to customers and meet like-minded professionals and new suppliers.

Heck, it’s worked for me.

But with that particular media’s emphasis on ‘social’, it’s often a good idea to show people who they are talking to.

Put a ‘face’ on the ‘book’, as it were.

So in conjunction with a recent Scary Women event on just that very subject, I am throwing open the doors of the studio on Wednesday 29th February and offering professional-quality head and shoulders shots for a minimum £10 donation to Kids Company.

They will be quick 20 minutes sessions, either on a plain studio background or in a naturally lit room set, and you’ll get a couple of images emailed straight to your inbox all ready to upload.

The ‘Scaries’ have had first dibs on the slots, so they are filling up fast, but if you’re running a small business in Warwickshire and would like to book a place, please drop Lisa a line at

Hope to see you there
RS x

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