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The Low Down on My Logo

February 27, 2012

Last week my husband took delivery of a parcel from America and excitedly waved the contents under my nose. It was my logo in a fancy-pants design book.

How cool is that?

Photographers logo appears in Logolounge Masterworks Type and Calligraphy logos

My logo as it appears in the Logolounge Masterworks Type and Calligraphy Logos book

Craig then proceeded to bounce off and put together an entry on his own little blog. Bless him.

Yes, its true.

Not only do we both each own a pair of Clarks polyveldts, we now have ‘his and hers’ matching blogs, though his is more of a look back at bits of work he has done over the years.

So anyway, he has compiled a sweet history of stuff he has done for me, of which this is a highlight…

The evolution of the Rachel Spivey brand

My various logos 1995 – 2007

So if you’re into that kind of thing, he goes into much more detail here.

Tell him I sent you.

RS x

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