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More Snaps in Less Clicks

November 27, 2012

It has been a long time coming, but it gives me more pleasure than you can possibly imagine to unveil my shiny new website:

And, while you’re all distracted by the pretty pictures, ask you for a bit of a favour.

As with all freshly launched online endeavours it’s hard to account for all the variables out there in the digital realm. I know we’ve got this thing working on the various bits of kit I use, but if you can have a quick look on whatever you are reading this on and report back any anomalies I’d be eternally grateful. – the online gallery for Leamington Spa photographer Rachel Spivey

Ooh look, I’m on an iPad. In your face old flash site.

It’s not long or sprawling or particularly fancy, just a few pages aimed at giving any commercial clients an overview of me and my work. I’ve pulled together some of the highlights of 14 years of photographing for direct clients, design companies, advertising agencies and publishers and the slide-y galleries mean you can whiz through easily without too much clicking around.

As such, it’s heavy on the images and light on the words.

If you could take the time to have a flick and let me know if you spot any technical glitches or odd bits of functionality or even just let me know what you think.

Much obliged to y’all.

RS x

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